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What does Explicit Instruction mean?

Explicit instruction is a teaching method in which the teacher clearly and directly explains new concepts and skills to the students. This approach is characterized by the teacher breaking down a task or concept into smaller, more manageable parts and providing step-by-step instructions for how to complete it.

Explicit instruction is often used to teach new or complex skills, such as decoding words in reading or solving math problems. It can also be used to teach social skills or to introduce new content in a subject area.

There are several key components of explicit instruction according to Anita Archer (2011):

Another expert in the area of explicit instruction is John Hollingsworth, he introduced the term TAPPLE in order to remember the key components of an explicit and direct lesson.

  • Teach First

  • Ask a Question

  • Pause, Pair-Share and Point

  • Pick a Non-Volunteer

  • Listen to the Response

  • Effective Feedback

Explicit instruction is often contrasted with other teaching methods, such as discovery learning or inquiry-based instruction, in which the students are given more autonomy to explore and discover concepts on their own.

Research has generally found that explicit instruction is the most effective method for teaching a wide range of skills and concepts to students of all ages, including academic skills (e.g., reading, math), social skills, and behavioral skills.

One reason explicit instruction is effective is that it provides a clear and structured way for students to learn new skills and concepts. It also allows teachers to be more proactive in identifying areas where students may need additional support, and it provides opportunities for students to practice and receive feedback on their learning.

Further resources to explore:

  1. Education Research Reading Room Podcast with John Hollingsworth on Explicit Instruction

  2. Youtube Video with Anita Archer on Explicit Instruction

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